Hello, I am Amir Antonios

You gotta find a good fit. Like a good barber, or your favorite pair of shoes. Every photographer’s style is different, so you gotta find the one that’s right for you. Right for your situation, your group or family, your occasion. Check out my photos and see if my style is right for you. I may not be for everyone, but what I can promise is that we’ll get the right shot. I focus on the details, getting the perfect, angle, or lighting, or dynamic. I’ll make sure to produce something you’re truly proud of.

More About Me

Photography is like poetry, only visual. There are so many stories and meanings one picture can portray, it all depends on who's looking at the photo and whether they are paying enough attention.

My goal is to capture beautiful in-between moments that make your story so special

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Melissa and Mina

Amir managed to capture the BEST candid moments at our wedding ceremony and reception! His shots truly captured the essence of each person and the special moments shared. We will treasure these forever! He is also such a great person and a joy to be around.

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Can you picture yourself in my photos?

If you see beauty the way I do, let's work together!

When you’re looking your best — with that new hair cut or those new shoes that fit just right, chose a photographer that can capture that moment. Those moments won’t last forever. All the more reason to capture them. Hope to get in touch, Amir

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